Edson Buddle

USSF B License


Edson Buddle competed professionally for more than a decade in Major League Soccer and abroad in Germany. Buddle also competed internationally for the United States Men's National Team, including as a member of the 2010 FIFA World Cup team in South Africa. In 2014, Buddle became Major League Soccer's eighth player to score 100 goals. As of 2019, Buddle is the 11th leading scorer in league history.

King Ohanedo
USSF C License
Nat'l Youth License
Nat'l Goalkeeper Diploma



The objective of the training session is to prepare players for the next level. We focus on the four components of the game:

1) Technical: All players in the team have to be individually competent and proficient in the most important skills for each position
2) Tactical: This component helps the player fit into the team. Our aim is to create clever players, capable of adapting to the constantly changing circumstances of the game.
3) Physical: Strong and resilient players will provide a significant advantage to the team. A tired player will struggle to think properly and is prone to commit more errors.
4) Physiological: The human being is often affected by his/her emotions. We will train the players to use these emotions to their advantage and turn them into strengths and not weaknesses.

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