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On this the last day of practice, Liam and I wanted to let you know  that Golden Touch, particularly our trainer King, were just terrific.

The training had just the right blend of fundamentals, game situations and EYSA coach participation making for a well-rounded training experience.

We would also like to commend the Commissioners for their choice of this program and unsolicited, we would highly recommended continuing with Golden Touch.
Again, our trainer, King, taught just the right amount skills training, discipline and focus, always with respect and affection for the kids and coaches. He did just a great job!                                                                  


-Rich & Liam


Our son Alec participates in Golden Touch’s developmental classes.  He enjoys going each week and has improved dramatically since first starting.  Coach Winston and his staff truly want to see the kids succeed; he’ll often stop practice and remind the players what they should be focusing on. Proper skill development is his first priority.  When Coach Winston speaks, it’s in a genuine way, and in a way that makes my son want to improve so that one day he will reach the level of soccer expertise of the other talented players on Golden Touch United.   

-Christine & Kevin Ranford

Parents of Alec Ranford"


Winston is the only coach I pick. I look up to him as he was my first coach when I start to play travel soccer. He cares so much about me and my game. I always come back to him for help because he is the best.
Winston has taught me to play smart and skillful. He is always helping me to be a winner and excel in the toughest competition.

Stephen Elias, West Harrison, NY